When Formica was looking to lay the groundwork for a potentially transformational new product, they turned to KDSC for help leading a global research project and developing a final positioning platform.

The addition of wireless charging to Formica brand countertops was an exciting step into the future for a brand that many associate with the past. Defining a launch strategy that could be deployed on a global basis was key to moving it from concept to production. The strategy project began as a beta test in a local coffee shop, where consumers experienced the technology for the first time. Those early interactions helped us better define the kind of research required.

We posed potential uses and benefits of the technology to architects and designers in Hong Kong, Stockholm, Los Angeles, New York and London, and we listened closely for potential barriers.

Their input guided the formation of a clear positioning and strategy for the product line that would guide everything from pricing to sales scripts. With buy-in from leadership, the product was announced last year at NeoCon, a prominent industry trade show.