Roasted chicken sales in the Kroger deli were lagging far behind the national trend. They suspected their advertising and promotions were the problem. We weren’t so sure.

KDSC quickly eliminated demographics, food trends and advertising as potential problems. We conducted an in-store audit in parallel with a qualitative consumer research study. It turned out that an operational tool designed to minimize waste had, over time, drastically reduced the number of roasted chickens placed out for sale. More importantly, customers told us that seeing three or fewer chickens available decreased their willingness to purchase.

We worked with Pilgrim’s and Kroger to identify the issue and adjust the tool, which resulted in a 7% increase in sales YOY — significantly above the national trend, and Pilgrim’s fastest sales turnaround ever.

In a follow-up engagement with Kroger and Pilgrim’s, we developed a digital media campaign targeting millennial shopper. By featuring on-trend recipes that used prepared roasted chickens as a timesaving hack, we were able to get these shoppers to consider roasted chicken for more meal occasions.

The initial pilot included integrated media placements on Kitchn, geofenced delivery during the “what to have for dinner” commute hour and in-store beacon-triggered ads. Campaign engagement was five times greater than the industry average.