We helped make the vast Arctic Refuge feel more approachable with immersive, digital technology.

The Wilderness Society was in search of a campaign that would help get young people to rally around the drilling ban in the Arctic Refuge, while driving greater awareness of their mission and work to protect America’s wild spaces.

The size of the Arctic Refuge is difficult to comprehend. Its scale allows for a sense of apathy when it comes to preservation efforts. We needed to make the Arctic Refuge feel real for people by helping them connect with it and make solving the larger problem feel achievable.

We brought to life the idea of an immersive experience where people could experience the Arctic Refuge firsthand— something that has never before been possible. The DoSomething team partnered with Future Colossal to turn the idea into a seamless audio and visual installation where people could learn the historical context (and significance) of the Arctic Refuge and take direct action to save it.

The project opened to sold-out crowds in Brooklyn, Washington DC and San Francisco.