At Kickdrum we regularly mix working from home with our standard office routine. But staying in place for COVID-19 has taken it to the next level. With no more hitting the gym, grabbing dinner, hanging out at a coffee shop or basically going anywhere we’ve had to figure out new ways to stay sharp and be productive. Here are some things our staff is doing to maintain their mental health in these strange, stressful times.

Alex Bragg
Maintaining my fundamental routine while being flexible to what’s happening in the moment is what keeps me balanced. Getting up, dressed and started at the same time as always? Yes. Giving myself permission to set work aside for a moment when my kids are laughing about something on TikTok? Also yes.  I’m also killing it on Season 20 of Diablo III.

Dan Whitmyer
Watching what’s happening around the world and not knowing what’s coming next definitely has me feeling some stress and anxiety. I like to use physical activity as a way to combat that. My goal during the crisis is to get 10k steps each day, which I’ve found is about 572 laps around my living room.

Jason Schmall
I have three school-age kids and while second grade is a snap, I’m spending a lot of time relearning middle school math in an attempt to be useful to my fifth grader. Do you know how to divide fractions? Thanks to youtube, I do.

Kate McGuire
I’m currently out on maternity leave, and having a two-month old and a 3-year old in the house is keeping me incredibly busy. In the midst of the daily chaos, my husband and I have committed to a 30-day yoga challenge to incorporate a little tranquility into our lives.

Tim McCort
I’ve learned that in order to get a good night’s rest, you have to stop reading the news about an hour before bedtime. Maybe four hours before…

Kyle Ebersole
Every time the news makes me anxious I embrace baking as a new way to calm down. I now have enough baked goods to run a pretty legit school bake sale.

So pick up a new exercise routine, call some friends, or get a book you’ve been meaning to read (don’t settle for the crummy Netflix adaptation!) Whatever you need to do to get through the days and weeks ahead, we support it. From all of us at Kickdrum, be kind to each other and stay healthy.