We do two things, that are actually one thing, that most agencies bill like they're four things: 
Strategy & Creative.

We have the same capabilities as most ad agencies, plus one ability that almost none of them have:

That means, before we get to:

Marketing Strategy, Consumer Research, Data Analytics, Brand Positioning & Identity, Campaign Concepting, Social Media Strategy, Web Site Development, Local Store Marketing, Go-to-market Planning or anything else...

We take a minute to figure out if you actually need any of those things.

And while it does take more than a minute, we’ve streamlined the process by making strategy and creative the core, idea-generating team of the agency.

The two disciplines work together from the beginning to the end of every project, so our team is figuring out what to do while they’re figuring out how to do it.

It's a different, smarter way of working. 

Marketing strategies are aligned with business goals.

We build creative platforms, not powerpoints.

The resulting work feels like it came from the strategy rather than backed into it.

And we get the work done a hell of a lot quicker.

From business plan to marketing strategy to compelling execution. Brilliant.

With the two disciplines working side-by-side on every project, we're able to challenge hastily made strategic assumptions and call out half-assed creative ideas. It's how we make our work the absolute best it can be.

Too strategic and your message will fall flat with consumers. Too creative and the reason for making the piece of communication in the first place risks getting lost.

But when we walk that fine line, find that perfect equilibrium and connect the dots just so, your message will resonate with your audience, reverberate in ways you can't even imagine and, ultimately...

...wait for it...

(awwww yeah.)

Hire Kickdrum and you can expect a working relationship based on integrity, collaboration and respect.

In our experience, clients prefer project-based relationships where the work is exceptional, the cost is reasonable and the deadline is met. So that’s what we’ll be doing.

We work in google docs so our clients have access to all works in progress, with the ability to comment and refine along the way.

We respect the talent and expertise of your team and work well with internal resources. There are no ivory towers, outsized egos or prima donnas throwing fits at Kickdrum HQ.

If this sounds interesting to you, shoot us a note, we'd love to chat.